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How to treat ulcers

How to treat wounds after a winter haunt us big ambitions

After a winter haunt us big ambitions Promise yourself to go on a diet and daily exercise, preferably for 20 km at night Well, we can begin ambitiously and in the end I could not move because of muscle pain discourages ... We are so successful that plans are a big lift. sores are the result of too much effort, resulting in incomplete combustion of glucose occurs. muscle produced lactic acid which is responsible for the pain felt on the second day after exercise. mild pain were very pleasant, it can also motivate because they felt a slight pain, we feel that we really practiced. Unfortunately, all too suddenly thrown into deep water and can lead to really horrible pain and inability to perform even simple activities.
to prevent pain should be do not forget to start with small parts of the exercises and their intensity and duration increased gradually.
Each workout should begin with an honest heat. warming is not only prevents the formation of lactic acid, but also protects us from progress and naciągnięciami, which can easily cause the initial exercise with cold body.
remember during training to short breaks and popijaniu water. exercise should also meet the general stretching.
nabawimy However, if you have pain, we can alleviate the pain somewhat.
good idea to rozmasowanie aching muscles. are great here all the massage mats, belts, vibration, etc.
pharmacy you can buy special grease warming, and thus healing sores. definitely for the best results, Ben-Gay, but the smell can bring down even the elephant. first order make sure that we are able to withstand.
Take a relaxing, warm bath, during which tea to drink a lot. lemon juice after the wyleżysz in the bath, powerful shower rinse body using alternating hot and cold running water and wipe Body rough towel vigorously rubbing them -. it will stimulate circulation Finally, rub olive -. can be a child - for the next muscle massage
evening baths are put to bed early and sleeps at least 10 hours ..

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