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How to play beach volleyball

How to play beach volleyball and beach volleyball, each of us knows enough to play in the sand, the players are getting a tan and muscles, and the game is similar to a normal retina in the hall

of beach volleyball, each of us knows enough to play in the sand, the players are tanned and muscles, and the game is similar to a normal retina in the Hall of Very soon we will begin to leave the mass of the sea, where a such events are rare. It is so familiar with the basic rules of the game to be able to actively root for or even an amateur team mates and try your hand at playing in the sand. sure to spend an active vacation went much better for our health and fitness of all-day lounging on the beach with breaks the fried fish with fries and cold beer.
Teams consist of two persons, and the match is always played between two teams.
substrate, on which players play, of course sand substrate, and the same course in the middle of the separate network .
goal, as in the normal retina, punch the ball over the net to the other side and watch the ball fall to the soil in our area.
ball can bounce your hands, arms or entire body.
game starts from the service and the opponents can make a maximum of three raises in his field before Flipped ball over the net.
Like indoor volleyball, the player can not perform two of thinking ok - unless, that block is executed -.
becomes Server can not accept the mountain, so the basket or your fingers, however, .. take your hand or the fifth, and any other body part.
not shake the ball, or break the enemy with the fingers of one or both hands. Attack of the whole arm hand, the fifth or any part of the body.
fingers can take the ball to the enemy only when you are trying to make a clumping.
issuer has the right to a brief detention before handing the ball, which in the retina in the hall of the error is called ball and borne. The defense made a mistake
reflection from the bottom of the palm. border, the fist, heel, back of his hand or any other body part.
team wins the match, which took the first two sets.
The first two sets are played to 21 points, or to make two points clear. For example, the situation 20:21 does not mean victory for the other team, it is considered to be victorious, if this team will score one more point, and the result will be 20: 22nd But if the team wins the first point, again, starting a battle for two points.
deciding set, the third game to 15 points, you also get two points.

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