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How to wear a stretch

How to stretch the twine twine is a position that requires great flexibility of the body

Twine is a position that requires great flexibility of the body. Twine is used not only in gymnastics but also in dance, the Army and many other sports. By reading this article, you will learn how to stretch the twine. Products can be done in two ways, first on the front and one on the side, but we must remember that each of them work other muscles
u warm. / U
Before stretching twine, remember that the body has warmed up, and therefore proposes to five minutes of fast running or brisk walking for 10 minutes. Do not forget to drink plenty of water to be hydrated.
Wear appropriate clothing, flexible, breathable, loose, so do not feel restricted in movement. If you just woke up, pajamas will be just right.
Sit on floor with legs straight, try to get to the toes. Do not slouch. It is very important to keep your back straight. Try to touch your chest legs. Repeat the same thing, but first the right then the left leg bent. Do not forget your back straight
extend your legs to get the right angle -. 90 degrees - thats one foot in front and the other side. The practice of stretching the right leg to hold for 30 seconds, then repeat the same thing to the left. Keep your back straight.
Keep your feet on the title of 90 degrees, stretch your body forward so your chest touch the floor, hold for 30 seconds.
u Stretching into four phases: / u for these four exercises you will notice the impact
Take a trip to the front right leg, so that the thigh and calf was the right angle .. The left knee in the back of the leg touches the ground, stick to only 30-60 seconds.
Now straighten your front leg and try your hand to touch your feet, for a better share as much as possible back to the leg press.
Return to the home position or a trip to grab his hands and feet, which is on the back.
Return to the second place, but this time Lay, with outstretched arms on the ground and hold 30-60 seconds
u Extend the twine. / U
Lie on your back on the floor near the wall and back wall of the leg.
spreads her legs to the side. Weight legs to push them down. Hang on a minute
now on the mat. Bend your front leg and keep the leg straight back behind you. Repeat with other leg. Youll be closer to the goal and finally
u After rigging. / U
plan is to extend it further. Next
IEM is to learn to stretch more than twine, more than 180 degrees. It is very important for dancers, gymnasts. But you have to practice a long time to complete this exercise properly.
Start with the introduction of airbags in the front or rear legs have collapsed. Gradually increase the height, put a pillow under your legs or both feet. Be careful not to strain the tendon, it can be very painful and long-term injury.

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