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How to calculate BMI

How to calculate BMI Weight-growth Ang BMI

increase weight BMI indicates body mass index, also known as the rarely used This is the simplest way to investigate the morphological characteristics such as weight and height exact term Quetelet Index II.. BMI and assign the result to the appropriate section we can help to determine the construction of our body that is extremely useful in determining whether or not have, such as being overweight. Calculate your BMI is a very simple thing you can do it all using simple tools. Easy to use, follow these tips.
measure the height of his body. body height is best measured by special equipment that can find such a pharmacy or health club.
Check your body weight using a bathroom scale, or as in the case of the body using such equipment.
obtained values, ie your body weight in kilograms divide the height of his body and given in meters squared.
IEM is to assign the resulting value in the appropriate box below
16.0 -. starvation
16.0 -17.0 - debility
17-19 - underweight
20 to 25.0 - Normal weight
above 25.0 to 30.0 -
weight from 30.0 to 35.0 above - And obesity
above 35.0 to 40.0 - II degree of obesity
above 40.0 - Grade III obesity
As you can see your BMI is very easy to calculate what is extremely popular, but not always accurate and can lead us to the problem, because as an athlete with a well-developed muscle mass, can have a high body mass index. BMI should not be used to determine body weight in children, whose age does not exceed fourteen years of age. In this case, the use of centile charts and correct interpretation of the channel percentile.

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