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How firm buttocks

How firm the buttocks think that everyone of us wants to have a solid bottom

.. Do any of us wants to have a firm butt and gentlemen like yourself for such an appearance is no need to sit and dream, you need to take to work, to have such a sleek and shapely butt a lot of boom. Looks nicer in skirts and bikinis So today I propose to begin work on the next set of simple exercises, which - .. if used on a regular basis -. you will soon see the results
u stretch inside thigh. / u Stretching the inner thigh, squeeze the glutes. Two in one. Start from a wide squat. Then lift the heel of the right leg up, as shown in Fig. stretch the calf muscles, thighs, stomach pośladkówi should be tense all the time. back straight. Hold 5 seconds and put the heel. Repeat with the left. the few repetitions.
u Stressing the buttocks. / u Stand erect in a solution
hip-width apart. hand to let the body. Squeeze glutes as hard as you can and hold for 4 seconds . Then relax them for 10 seconds and again to squeeze in four. not a series of repetitions.
seafront lineage. / u stand on a wall or chair and lean on the one hand, to make it easier to catch the balance if necessary. Bend right leg at the knee by lifting your foot toward your buttocks. Tighten the muscles. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to starting position. Repeat with other leg.
stretch u. / u Stand on the solution
shoulder-width apart. hands loosely at your sides. Flip straight leg at the knee back to the other leg to set up a 45 degree angle. fingers facing the ground, but should not touch. In this position, squeeze the glutes tight. Hold 5 seconds. Return slowly to starting position. Repeat with other leg.
u Shears says. / u are the solution
shoulder-width apart. hands to the body, loosely. Raise your right leg and place it on left leg, as shown, your legs crossed. Tighten your buttocks. Hold for a few seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat with other leg.
u stressing session. / u Sit in easy solutions
in a chair, back straight, feet based on the field. hands to fists and place them between the legs. are now trying to join the legs, but based on these arms, to fight with his feet. Hold for 4 seconds. Relax muscles. then place their hands on the outside of your thighs and try to extend the legs, preventing on the hands. Hold for 4 seconds and relax the pressure. a few repetitions.

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