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How to measure the circumference of the chest

How to measure the circumference of the chest chest of the body and consists of twelve pairs of ribs and sternum, and the closing of twelve thoracic vertebrae posterior wall of the chest

Chest is part of the body and consists of twelve pairs of ribs and sternum and thoracic vertebrae twelve oclock closing the posterior chest wall in chest moving relationship with the spine and ribs .. ribs to the sternum bones of the chest wrapping around three The first group muscle groups muscles are superficial and deep muscle groups of the other third group is one big muscle. diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen and is the main respiratory muscle. Chest fulfills a protective role for the bodies are inside, especially the heart and lungs. also involved in the process of breathing. chest can produce a lot of mistakes that can negatively affect the functioning of internal organs and look a lot worse. It is therefore very important to do the right build and proportions of the thorax in relation to the whole body.
Chest easiest measuring tape cutting . centimeter horizontally wrapped around his bare chest to chest height of the nipple.
To measure can also be used, eg cable, which then spread in a series or a tape measure. Instead of cutting a centimeter, you can use ribbons, ribbons, etc. It is that it was not a stretch material.
measurement should be done while standing on a flat surface. attitude we adopt when measuring free state without any stress worse. tape measure should ideally be close to the body along the entire length. can not squeeze too tight chest or hang.
before measurement does not draw air into the lungs, because it greatly increases the scope of the chest. And so the human dimension of 175 cm and 75 kg warzącego ideal breast size was 104.3 cm.

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