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How to buy ski boots

How to buy ski boots if you spend a winter skiing more than a few days, and invest in their boots

If you spend the winter skiing more than a few days, and invest in their boots shine, and you should not borrow even hygienic reasons In addition, shoes should be comfortable .. and a good fit on the leg, which is not always possible in case of loan but├│ww przystokowych rental shoes and put in a significant way to increase comfort and safety on the slopes
seafront boots .. - Hard or soft? / u choice
boots is not easy. It all depends on our personal preferences, skills, style and weight. In the beginning we have to decide how much we spend on shoes, if you want heavy boots for advanced skiers, or soft shoes for beginners or recreational riding tastes.
course, hard boots are more accurate than the soft shoe and insert a better skier driving force in turning.
beginners and recreational skiers riding boots should go soft stiffness index 40-70 Intermediate skiers love the shoes with the index 70-90 shoes with the index contrast more than 90 is designed for advanced skiers.
u size boots / u
After selecting the initial stiffness of the shoe and the size of the draw to try to go after Transport of Dangerous shoe buckles, starting from the bottom ends at the top. - detachable buckles very strongly that we were elected on a slope -.
fingers should lightly touch the inside front shoe - pipe -. When the shoe seems too little to try a larger size to 0.5 is best to wait. minimum 15 minutes because the shoe has to be formed, a ship capable of feet.
to see if the size is right, we must move to a place where we go without lifting the heel off the ground. At this point, we can conclude that the heel of the shoe away from us internal or not. If this does not mean that the appropriate size.
If the store where you bought the shoes has a ski service should bring snowshoes and look for a technician to adjust the bonds to buy new shoes.

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