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How to spend the summer in the city

How to spend the summer in Spending years in the majority is not my favorite dream, but sometimes its all organized, there is no other choice

spending years in the majority is not my favorite dream, but sometimes its all organized, there is no other choice here are some ways to make most of the time
fra.. Enjoy the beautiful weather as much as as possible. Do not sit at home if you do not. You have it all year.
not move home without a bottle of mineral water. summer, very easy to get dehydrated.
pull the bike from the garage and replace it as often as your car. Its a good idea, especially for commuting, as long as you are not very far. come to your site with a fully charged battery.
Try to eat lighter meals. nutritious lunch with zawiesistymi sauces are more needed in the winter hairstyles
Remember - .. you need time to heat
weekends, try to drive out of town, be it car, be it. bike safely on the website of tourist attractions in your area, and such attractions are often closer than you think and see what is fun to see
start playing sports outdoors - .. running, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football. not plan your day or at night. really hard to work in 30-degree heat. This is a great way to get oxygen to the body and improve your mood, not to mention improving the health and silhouette.
Take the water with a group of friends. Remember only the appropriate filters, and preferably grill the sausages. successful day guaranteed.
forget sunglasses, but they bought from the optics. Only in this case, you can be sure that they really contain a filter that will protect your eye glasses bazarowymi
only hurt yourself if things had not been time or opportunities - .. sign up for dance classes, gym or fitness, begin to weave baskets or paint pictures.
Start walking to the pool. There is nothing better than dipping into the water on a hot day. Swimming is not only a great improver of the state, But the mood. fee
vitamins. course not as a pharmacy, they are totally unnecessary in the summer. New answers all fruits, with special fervor of those for which the season will soon be over. tucking in both raw and cocktails or the Tatras. Speak
long time no see friends. summer season helps to refresh the knowledge.
go to the cinema. air-conditioned hall and interesting movie is a great way to spend two hours.

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