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How to avoid germs at the gym

How to avoid germs at the gym, gyms are a habitat for bacteria and bacteria

gyms are
bacteria, germs and bacteria love warm and moist environment Bacteria are everywhere in the gym - ... On the machine to exercise, on carpets, on benches, in lockers, sauna and shower if you care about your character, and often go to the gym, do not forget about your health.
u Verify before you buy a gym pass / u
Skip to the gym, make sure everything looks clean, find out how often the room is clean and that there are people who keep equipment clean. If there are no such people to see if they are available in the gym and disinfectants, or people who use the equipment they use. Clean gym depends on the culture of people who attend to him. Also make sure that the fitness room well ventilation. gyms where there are places where ventilation is the easiest to bacterial infection.
u Do not walk barefoot / u
shower, dry and wet saunas are great after a workout at the gym, but also a great breeding ground for bacteria . why I always wear slippers to prevent fungal dining table Mr.
u not share your stuff / u
never borrow your friends or antiperspirant soap - unless you spray -. loan is a good cosmetic way to spread bacteria in your body.
u Protect cuts / u Stick
patches on all the cuts have on the skin. open wounds, no matter how small, is an open door for bacteria. If you often get stuck after I think shaving is not it better to start shaving at a gym.
u Disinfection / u
Bring your lotion or antibacterial wipes and clean all equipment before using it. It will be good for you if you provide the necessary equipment, wash after exercising.
u not naked the
/ u
Have you ever seen someone naked in the locker room or sauna? Probably yes. However, stripping naked in these places is not fine. sitting naked on the bench, where, reg someone else is sitting - and one day someone will sit - you can arrange a variety of bacteria is likely to immediately get a fungal infection of the vagina, but its better not to risk
.. Bring your own water u / u
not use water in the gym, even if its still plenty of clean glasses. It is best to always keep the water and not shared with anyone. probably do not want to get herpes?
u Keep your hands away from your face / u
If you can not touch the face of the hands. in the gym can not avoid all the bacteria. They are everywhere and yet no way to disinfect door handles every time that door opens. Touching your face and especially rubbing your mouth, nose and eyes can lead to bacterial penetration through the mucous membranes that are found in them.
u shower after training / u
If you do not have time to shower thoroughly at least Wash your hands.

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