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How to wear a ski resort in the trunk

How to wear a ski resort in the trunk rack on the roof is not enough

Roof rack not all now know how to properly organize a ski boot and how to protect it from mud, sand and salt the roads here are some useful tips
Skis should always be placed beaks in the back of the car .
If you have to overcome a small tour then you should not be necessary to provide additional skis, dirt from the street, but if you have new hardware is a good wrap binding bags.
If you continue the way its a good idea is to put the skis in a large plastic bag and wrapped tightly with tape around the channel. In this way the skis will be isolated from the mud and salt from the street.
If you do not want a bag, you can wrap the ski stick movie., firm, perfectly fitting and ski not complete an additional lane.
wearing skis on the roof of the bag is not the best idea. cloth bag does not protect the skis before the end of the salt so you will need to wash them anyway - but it will be easier than the transfer without any protection - and besides, trip will cover all the mud and sand - you will need to first wash away the mud and then wash -.

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