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How to train in the pool

How to train in the pool Looking for an easy way to improve the functioning of the circulatory system of exercise in the pool will increase your stamina and muscle strength without overloading the joints?

Call us for an easy way to improve the functioning of the circulatory system of exercise in the pool will increase your stamina and muscle strength without overloading joints as well as in training for the improvement of the heart should be paid to achieve at least 20?. Minutes a day. There are many different exercises that we do in the pool. you can walk, run, or stretching exercises. You can also try to link something totally new, like yoga or kickboxing. protective equipment such as buoyancy belts and panels for swimming, offering weve added stability. Some aquatic equipment may help us to increase the training intensity. We can choose from treadmills, stationary bikes and steppers designed specifically for use under water. Exercising in water differ significantly from exercises on land. water puts more resistance than air. This makes the exercise more challenging in the water. There are several things you should know before you do this exercise. Youll learn about them below.
u displacement and resistance. / u
These are two very important factors that determine the intensity of your workout water .
resistance can be explained as a problem that you feel when you are moving in the water. feel it, because water is denser than air.
Buoyancy is the force with which water carries us up. trained in shallow water reduces the level of buoyancy. This means more pressure on joints and lower resistance. Exercising in water too deep -. through the door, increasing the buoyancy of the body This limits our ability to move around, but reduces the intensity of training
/ ul
u leg length .. / u
length of your arms and legs during exercise determines the degree of severity of the general rule is -. increases the length of the limb increases the effort that we put on the means to overcome the resistance of water. that the bent limbs be easier to move in the water rather than straight. easier to lift the leg bent at the knee rather than upright.
u traffic direction. / u
direction in which we move our arms and legs has an effect on weight training. How increase the intensity of exercise, during exercise, the hands move in the opposite direction of the leg. so you can increase the resistance of the resultant water. Move your hands and nógw in the same direction, it will make the resistance will be lower.
Understanding these principles and guidelines will help you take full advantage of training in the pool. remember .. Create a proper warm-up is also nice suit. full bathing suit and goggles to relive the entire training. They are used to complement the protein level, especially for bodybuilders and vegetarians. They can greatly speed up recovery after exercise is likely to increase muscle mass or to replace a meal. Below you will find instructions on how to make a protein shake at home. Added
milk scoop of whey protein in milk. Whey protein can be bought in pharmacies, health food stores or online.
Mix blender for about 15 minutes.
Peel the banana. Cut it into small pieces and add milk. Wash strawberries and clean them from the stalks. Cut the strawberries into small pieces and add milk.
Begin mixing on low speed. Gradually increase speed, pausing a few seconds for each additional. Mixing must be at least 45 seconds or until all the pieces of fruit will be thoroughly mixed.
Pour into a large cocktail glass and enjoy its taste immediately after preparation or in the fridge and drink later.

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