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How to train your butt on the ball

How to train your butt on the ball Have you ever wondered how to use the exercise ball to train their behinds Yes, what you got any idea if you started

Ever wondered how to use the exercise ball to train their behinds Yes, what you got any idea if you started -? Plus, if you do not, or would like to expand the range of exercises. I suggest that you review the following suggested exercises. Certainly be useful and will help wyćwiczeniu and modeled after the beautiful buttocks.
Lie on your back. rest your feet on the ball, as shown in Fig. Put your hands under your head to it. you comfortable exercise is to lift your hips up in the form the rest of the body - legs - hips - the spine -. straight line Hold this position for two seconds and return to starting position Repeat
.. Support confident hand on the ground, and put your foot on the ball for exercise. lift the body to make approximately ninety degrees angle. Look at the picture above. From this position, lift your left leg. Lift it as high as you can. Return to starting position. repetitions. Be sure to change feet.
Lie on your side. Cross arms in front of you , and put the ball between the legs of the gym, keeping the legs. your photographer to take the correct position. Being in this position, lift the ball and leave. you do not just butt, and legs and abdominal muscles.
Lean on the ball, as in Fig. Look forward. Then pull forward at the same time straighten the right arm and putting his left foot. a few repetitions and change legs and arms. You can also draw them interchangeably.
kneel on the ball. Then sit back on it, as the picture. Resist feet on the ground. Then pull firmly on the right rear leg, straightening it. Return to starting position. Perform the appropriate number of repetitions for each other. Then change legs. You can also practice with both feet to correct for a change. After the law, after what is left.

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