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How to practice yoga position of the child.

?. How to practice yoga, baby yoga position is an excellent way of meditation

Yoga is a great way to think not only improves the condition of our souls, but the body is suggested here is one of the items in the yoga position known as a child in it can bend the hips, thighs and quadriceps stretches the spine ... . Below we suggest how to properly perform the position of the child.
Kneel on the floor. big fingers to touch. knees should be hip-width apart. then sit on my calves.
Straighten your spine. Raise your arms straight up.
lean forward to breathe. indicators should lie down on the thighs, and head should be based on the field. Hands should lie on the ground stretched forward, palms open.
Take a few deep breaths. Remain in this position for a minute.
Then inhale slowly to raise the starting position. Repeat several times.

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