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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


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How firm breasts breasts are firm and well-maintained, if proper care of the muscles supporting them

breasts are firm and well-maintained, if proper care of the muscles supporting it Its the pelvic muscles are responsible for keeping their breasts and nieopadanie training courses in the pectoral muscles, then, is a simple way to stop breast jędrnego. . longer. Spend account for about 15-20 minutes a day, and youll be surprised what will be effects. It is not known how much time, and really get on it.
u Exercise butterfly. / u
will the next two weights, 0.5 kg each, and the exercise ball. it is best if the mass is not too large, then the results will be better. Lie on the exercise ball to lay on his back in a horizontal position. rest of the body, ie Then podpychaj arm forward, as if climbing a ladder. Your body should be moved to the ball. As we reached the point where your thighs and knees on top of the ball will stop. legs will be assembled and upright, like the back. Just like regular push, bend your elbows close to the floor and lift. Do ten repetitions. then relax for a minute. Again, it is ten repetitions.
seafront. / U
This is the simplest and most effective method for breast firming. Sit comfortably, back straight. Flex your chest as hard as you can. Breasts should be stretched as much as possible. Hang on a minute. Take a minute break and do ten reps.

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