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How to choose running shoes

How to choose running shoes running shoes are an important part of our equipment

Sneakers are an important part of our equipment correctly selected the shoes should fit perfectly, keep our feet, adapted to individual needs, while moving and most importantly, provide us with cushioning and comfort when worn on the market today .. a large selection of running shoes. Choosing appropriate can be a challenge. Here are tips to help you make a wise purchase.
u know feet. / u
shoes before you buy, find out what your foot type. You can do it yourself using a wet test. Soak your feet in a bowl with water and then place it on a dry paper. When you put your feet you will see a display of work. still get better compression foot painted poster paint underneath.

seafront alloys with a high ceiling. / u
If the paper is in the middle of the foot shows only a narrow strip, it means that you have a high instep arch of the foot was high and clear this type of foot usually has a tendency to be folded out
proper shoes ... such butówz feet need good cushioning, which will ensure that the rear foot is stable. shoes should have a thick padding that will provide support to the foot arch. Choose shoes with a soft flexible sole.
u flat rate. / u
left foot flat on the page in the mid-foot wide trail with small details. This species has a low arch feet and tends to bend inward. These alloys can be very. flexible and unstable
appropriate shoes: Feet are in need of shoes, which can be up to control their movements, to provide adequate support and stability of the shoe is the most rigid, strong and difficult to prevent. bending the foot.
u normal rate. / u
footprint varies narrowing in the middle, but not excessively so, in the form of an arc within
directed to the appropriate shoes: shoes ... appropriate for this type of interest should provide us with overall stability, good port support and cushion
u Sports shop / u
If you do and you are not sure what type of foot you have or you do not have any problems with their feet to buy shoes in a special sports store. Call the dealer, who will help you choose the right shoes for you
seafront Tips for buying. / u
Bring old shoes That will help the seller determine what rate you typed ...
buy shoes in the afternoon when feet are larger
forget to bring orthopedic - if you wear them -.
socks and leave some space for you to move your toe. There should be no pressure on them. free space required for coincides with the down hill, and during hot days, when your feet swell.
If you are unsure which size to choose, buy more. If necessary, you can always wear thicker socks.
heel should be firmly surrounded, with no possibility of slipping .
shoes should not be too tight, not too loose
. Try different brands of shoes to see what is best for you.
Try before you buy shoes. get time to shop or start running slowly.
should feel that the shoes are made for running.
select the ones where you feel good. Just so you know what you are comfortable boots.
/ ul
u Change shoes. / u
If you run 5-6 days a week, consider buying two pairs of shoes. so they will have time between sessions to dry up and will serve you much more.
U Replacing the shoe. / u
u / u Remember the regular exchange of shoes. It is assumed that the shoes should be replaced every 500-800 km. It depends on how often you run, at which site and what kind of distance, weight and potential problems with their feet. good idea to establish the run and save the log in the day when you bought the shoes and long daily route. In this way you can monitor their use. Follow
shoes, pay attention or do not have signs of excessive wear. Do wait until not too damaged. replacement shoes will help you save time and frustration, medical expenses.
seafront shoes only for running. / u Use
shoes only for running. Remove them from the leg immediately after exercise. Do not run in those shoes in the garden and do not walk in them for walks. hiking, consider buying other shoes.

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