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How to slim thighs

How thin thighs For most women, beautifully carved, nice and neat feet, make them feel sexy

For most women, beautifully carved, nice and neat feet, make them feel sexy summer has now knocked on our door, no time to waste, take care of your feet, especially. Thigh, because their best -loved fat deposits. suggest exercises will help shape and slim the thighs.
You will need the steppes. If you have steps you can take advantage of the steppes. Stand in his right foot on the edge of the steppes. straighten it and attach to her left leg, but no place left foot on the step. Lift the side to create a 45 degree angle. Then join the right leg, then put it on the floor. not półprzysiad. right leg all the time should be a step - or step -. thigh muscles, calves and abdominal muscles to should be stretched in the squat, you can modify your workout by keeping your weight Perform exercises slowly and focus will be more effective as more muscle for the better ..... no Stop
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feet should be spaced wider than the waist line. Cross your hands and do squat. but make sure your knees do not go outside the lines of the fingers. This is an excellent exercise for the production of quads and inner thighs lines.
Stand up straight, then bend as if you wanted to touch your toes. legs should bend at the knees. tighten your muscles, keep your hands stretched out straight. quadriceps muscles must work in turns. difficult for you to hold dumbbells or wear ankle weights.
cross arm. Stop solution within the topic
feet should be open to about fifty degrees. Extend right leg back. Do squat. Return to the previous position. a few repetitions, then change legs. repeated cyclically

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