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How the bicycle chain lubricant

As for the lubrication of the chain bike chain lubrication is very important

Chain lubrication is very important to ensure that your bike will run better and last longer
lubricate your bike in the garage or yard Kat gets dirty easily So ... if you do not have another place to clean the chain, loosen floor with the newspaper. not lubricate the chain on the carpet and dance floor. can destroy them.
turn the bike upside down. Place the bike on the steering wheel and seats.
Read. parts of the bicycle, which can adhere directly to the chain at the stake on the parts include:
rotating shaft,
· front and rear sprocket,
· crank, rear derailleur ·
. br
scrape dirt and mud from the racks. best if you lock the gear with a screwdriver so they will not rotate. just get rid of any dirt. Do not judge a chain of impurities on the chain.
Prepare cloth. moisten a cloth before use. If you work in a ventilated place, you can add a degreaser, it might be an ordinary washing liquid.
Grab a rag and wrap your chain. firm. turn the crank a few times while holding a rag around the chain tight, it is not moving. It works best if the upper part of the chain, which is located on the saddle. turn the crank until the chain is clean.
chain lubrication. Using adhesive tape, stickers or a marker, select the location where you start lubrication. Starting from this point put a drop of oil on each link within the rollers. not use too much.
Wait for oil to circulate. As naoliwisz all connections, turn the crank to rotate the chain in a minute and make sure the oil is well distributed.
Cut the excess oil. Use this cloth.
chain clean with a cloth.

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