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How to start running

How to start running summer approaches, the ideal time to train your body a little, spend time outdoors

summer approaches, the ideal time to train your body a little, spend time outdoors is the ideal time to start running but its not as easy as it seems not enough to get up and running. Be prepared for it, and constantly increase the pace and intensity of the race.
u invest in good shoes. / u No need to buy, after all these high-end, which; ..! re-clean your pockets most shoes are well fit the foot, had soft feet to protect your spine and legs from injury
u Before we start, lets / u Walking is a very important element because it is warming up before driving. first four weeks, starting from March 5 to 3 p.m. minutes. Then go on a jog, then run.
U Run at least three times a week. / u smaller number of transmission will not bring the expected results. But remember that if you do not feel bad, because nothing good that does not help. Pogorszysz just your condition.
u not work two days in a row for the first two months. / u Give your muscles and tendons a chance to get used to running.
u Running on time, not distance. / u Your program should increase the time you spend on the run, but increases the distance. and extend over time, the greater the distance to go, right?
u, but do not increase too drastically this time. / u, if you went last week for half an hour does not do it for an hour, and the next one and a half. Increase the time ten to fifteen minutes.

u not copy professional runners / u They practiced for many years and are in much better -. much better - the state you are trained from an early age to start .. never catch up so you do not do yourself harm.
u Be patient. / u Just because you are doing now for two weeks does not mean that you are willing to boot into the contest. Patience. Nobody taught to work in two weeks.
u biegaƂby Find someone with you / u. Together we are still alive. co-Implement universal access to sports people, to strengthen its ties
u Enjoy the run .. / u Run for fun, not for the results and remember to stay healthy and to be carefully monitored as running affect you and your body.

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