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How to prepare for a mountain bike for the winter

How to prepare for winter mountain bike at the beginning of winter, does not necessarily mean the end of the cycling season, especially for mountain bikes

beginning of winter, does not necessarily mean the end of the cycling season, especially for mountain bikes biking trails, despite poor preparation in the winter, are available for all year round here are some tips on how to prepare .. mountain bike for the winter. Br Remove unnecessary equipment such as bicycle baskets, baskets and bottle rack, to relieve a little bike. will allow you to better overcome Lies in reduced physical activity. Do not forget to thorough lubrication of all bearings and hubs on the wheels and connecting rods, clippers and chain. If you do not know how to do it yourself service the bike or the bike shop.
Install fenders on both wheels. Minimize spraying slush and snow. the best alternative for mountain bikes is the installation of plastic fenders, which if necessary can easily download a hand movement.
Place your bike in the proper lighting. winter days are shorter, and the evening will be more visible. So avoid dangerous cracked.
Just like the car for better traction bike to replace worn tires with new ones. If driving a lot of winter is the best choice for you and your bike will be a special rubber ankle. They protect you from the creation of an injury. Tip protectors depends on the type of sport. The most commonly used pad the helmet. It protects the most important and most frequently injured part of your body, which is the head. Whether youre playing hockey, cycling, skateboarding or rollerblading - always wear a helmet.
Make sure you wear a helmet appropriate for the type of sports that are growing. For example, do not ride with a helmet roller hockey! Helmet should exhibit good adhesion to the head, but be comfortable. If you have a bar-like bike helmets - it must be well adjusted. Otherwise - when the accident - falling instead to protect his head
Some sports require eye protection, teeth, elbows, knees or joints .. Get a special pair of shoes with soles of rubber or plastic and are designed to enhance the players grip while moving.
talk to their parents or coaches, and be sure to advise you on the equipment you need. Br
not a good idea to start the game after entering the field. You should not even start without warming up, stretching. Before the game, so that a light jog, and then do stretching exercises. Warm-up, which takes at least 15-30 minutes and include slow, gradual stretching, increases circulation and strengthens muscles. In this way the muscles are ready for hard work and there is little likelihood of injury.
Learn how to play.
traffic lights at intersections to prevent accidents between cars and trucks and makes it all together, we travel around the road. This solution works because drivers know the rules, and most of them are able to adapt. Also, it is with sports.
players know the rules, they know what is allowed and what is not, therefore, fewer injuries. Playing by the rules of the game you know what to expect when - for example, in soccer performance wślizgu hind legs and clipped to his players that the ball is not allowed -.
communication between the athletes in the game, allowing them to understand the tasks they perform on the field. You know exactly where you should find you and all the players, to ensure the safety of themselves and others in the field.
Beware of others.
Some provisions have nothing to do with scoring points or penalties, but to guarantee the safety of others. For example, in baseball the batter can not throw a stick after hitting the ball and run to first base. He must first put the stick on the ground, so as not to cause anyone harm. Just before you start diving diver must ensure that no one in the water. Otherwise, you could land on someone who dived in front of him.
best way to get attention in the field, is to communicate with others. Listen to the coach because he can help keep you safe. A good solution is to be kind and warn others, as defined in sznurówkach shoes. Do not forget to check out their!
not play when youre injured.
It is really important. If you love this sport that it is tempting to find yourself back in the game, even after the injury. But if youre hurt, feel pain or do not have time to fully heal the injury, its not a good idea. You can cause a much greater long-term damage. Be honest with your parents and coach. Tell them that if the pain intensifies and teases you. If necessary, decide to visit a doctor and ask his opinion about it, you should return to the game.
Now you know what to do to make maximum caution. I hope that if you follow the points 1-4, you will not have to deal with the situations described in
5 or at least not as often.

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