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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


How to train in the winter

How to train in the winter, although they get cold outside, its time for all variables snow may fall soon, there are ways for it to continue to exercise and maintain a slim figure

Although it gets cold outside, its time for all variables snow may fall soon, there are ways for it to continue to exercise and maintain a slim figure Read what we
.. br Choose a large shopping center, the best of several floors. Therell be able to walk even a few hours. you the opportunity to shop, but do not forget that your main goal is March, not shopping.
borrow or buy the CD and DVD sets of exercises to practice their free time. good to have at home is a large mirror in which one can observe or perform the exercises correctly.
If you do not have a DVD or video, you can search on a television program on which the verses are usually selected during the exercise can be found on the internet on-line group exercise and practice with them on filmikówz you will find lots of exercises - yoga, Pilates, Aerobic .., boxing, etc. To have access to movies just need to register.
Subscribe to the gym for aerobics , step, or some other form of exercise is listening. Buying a monthly pass, which motivates the most regular and frequent presence.
You can also enjoy sports such as volleyball, tennis, swimming, squash, etc. all of which are available for sports halls and other indoor spaces.
walk up the stairs several times a day. If you have a lift, forget about it. Also in the shopping centers still use the stairs.
Finally housework, vacuuming, washing floors, etc. will also be a great help in burning calories.
advantage of the winter snow and learn or improve your skiing or snowboarding skills. This is the only time of year when you can have fun in a white powder. If it does not play winter sports already this season . first subscribe to the class with the instructor.
Do you have children? Or maybe youre still the same great kid? Call your friends and make a modeling contest for the snowman. ulepisz If you burn almost 240 calories, perfect for fun!

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