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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


How the Sun Salutation Surya Namaskar ?

As the Sun Salutation

Stand up straight, try to pull the spine to the top of your feet parallel to each other, palms parallel to your body, your weight evenly distributed on both feet
Welcome radiating

. On the inhale, slowly raise your hands overhead, that we join hands together, pushing your chest forward. extends over the top and back of waist. we worship pushing the hips forward, legs straight, neck relaxed. look at your hands. You must be careful to not hurt the spine. final position on the inhale.
welcome support any action
not exhaling bend forward stretching of the body. on straight legs, trying to touch the floor with your hands if you do not succeed, we can slightly bend the knees. spine should be straight.
position begins and end expiration.
Greeting him who enlightens
hands on the mat, move your right leg back as far as possible. knee trying not to touch the ground. elbows should be bent forward at an angle of about 90 degrees between the hands, immediately above the knees bent, feet.
Hello sliding smoothly sky
pull the other leg back. back straight, arms straight. Heel directed toward the floor.
Hello empowers
slowly sinks to his knees and leave the body almost sitting back on their heels. arms straight. you can keep your hands off the floor.
Welcome golden cosmic beings
leave the hips on the floor keeps them just above it, and we lift the chest up. body bending backwards. elbows close to your body. If this position is too difficult to put the ground in the hip.
my breast lift and bend your back backwards. door pulled back. elbows close to body, hands down below.
dawn greeting you in the leg
Instead of using the elevator take the stairs.
stairs for 5 minutes to burn almost 100 calories!
take a break for lunch, you can pop out for a quick workout at a nearby gym, or treat yourself to a quick march IEM
outdoors. Move it to work. Someone needs to copy something? Go to another department for something? Offer to help.
Performing stretching exercises while sitting at your desk. This will reduce muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation and prepare you for the next exercise.
Bevel lawn, grab the list. Homework is also very well serve to burn calories and thus podgonisz domestic robots.
Record 40 calories by vacuuming the carpet for 10 minutes.
Do you have children and need to devote all your free time? Children are a great excuse for a sport and movement. Do not let them convince and have fun with them. Play with kids games on the move, dropping the ball, poskacz rope or play hopscotch.
Jumping rope is recommended for people who want to lose some weight, improve fitness and strengthen leg muscles.

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