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How to safely ride a bicycle training during pregnancy

Safe cycling training cycling during pregnancy, whereas in normal pregnancy is a good option, but not for long, because the growing belly will force you into parting with the bike

horses on a regular bike while pregnant, is a good option, but not for long, because the growing belly will force you into parting with your bike, you can make friends with a training bike, and cycling. The entire 9 months. Here are tips about how to safely use rowerka training.
If you have money, you can buy an exercise bike and use it at home. You will be able to train on it even after giving birth. When shopping, be sure to pay attention, or wheel adjustable height and tilt adjustment account.
If you can not afford to buy rowerka training, and use it in the gym.
As your belly will increase will be more comfortable pedaling in the upright position. height adjustment control, so that is in your favor. If you use your bike does not have an adjustable steering wheel, lift the front rowerka it is putting something under the front wheel. Remember that a bicycle must be stable after surgery.
trained on a bicycle, you can easily overheat the body. To avoid this, make sure that the room where the practice has air conditioning, and if not placed in front of a windmill.
always have water handy to drink before, during and after training. You can not avoid dehydration. If
riding a stationary bike is boring, try your favorite music and listen to it while driving, or use rowerka as heat - for about 30 minutes - before .. favorite exercises like yoga or walking
Remember the safe level of the control pulse is 140 beats per minute, but it is May be slightly different for each woman, depending on the situation prior to pregnancy. determine the best with your doctor.

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