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How to Snowboard Helmets

Which Helmet for snowboarding More and more skiers and snowboarders use helmets

.. More and more skiers and snowboarders use helmets crash helmets in order to minimize potential injury and head injury, especially when we go on the rocks and wooded areas, the helmet can save our lives further, let us consider. That all Top skiers and snowboarders wear helmets to ride only.
u safety standards / u
buying a helmet for skiing and snowboarding to pay attention to whether he has the CE certificate, Fisio 1077 or ASTM 2040 In this way we can be assured that we will choose the helmet meets the standards for shock absorption, hardness and other parameters
seafront helmets .. - fashion / u
Every year on the market are all helmets lighter, stronger and more adapted to the latest fashions. Currently helmet serves not only as protection against a possible head injury, but the difference is. wnie┼╝ remarkable new gadget as a perfect helmet fit into the clothes, unique designs are original, and some even have built-in headset for listening to music
u Helmet -. How to choose the size of / u
very important aspect when buying a helmet is choosing the right size helmet for size and shape of the head. helmets for snowboarding and skiing should give us confidence, and feeling comfortable.
first size helmet should adjust the volume of the head, which first must be a tape measure - measuring head at the height of the forehead.
second helmet should follow closely on the edge of the surface of our mind, the front edge of the helmet should be on. eyebrows. rear edge and should be located as high as possible. Make sure that the rear edge of the helmet does not touch the neck.
third addition to the size of their helmets, there are different forms. We can choose any appropriate type of helmet head or oval or round. Select type of helmet is huge, so decides to buy We make sure that it perfectly fits the type, shape and size of our heads.
u buy a helmet your child / u
Very often we buy things for our children too, who could serve them for several years. Remember, however, that the helmet is designed to protect our children. fulfills its function of its size should ideally be tailored to the size of the head riding helmet is too loose can end the tragedy
helmets for young children should be lightweight, colorful - striking .., easy to set up and most importantly, warm and protect optimally the entire surface of the head
Do not place any additional protection for so-called Jaws or the use of helmets integration - .. with a fixed jaw protection -. This is another One danger for the novice skier - snowboarding - the fact that the visibility and reduce the risk of further injury during the fall forward.

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