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How to resolve conflicts

How to resolve conflicts and conflicts have to be

have been and will be an integral part of social life from the perspective of the history of many conflicts on the basis of lack of consensus, which is managed by selfish motives This is because each side wants to ... get the most benefit. Often conflicts are caused by insinuations. This is due to lack of skillful communication. should be based on understanding and avoiding violence. If any man knows how to resolve conflicts constructively, it will make life easier, more comfortable and more rewarding. Of course, some people can not live without conflict. It their nature. However, in this article you will learn more about conflict resolution.
u first and most important way is to simply talk. / u
honest conversation is not possible if either party is not honest towards one another is a situation where he knees the truth, so that on his side to a famous saying ... & bdquo; court proceedings, and justice must be on our side, It is an encounter with the other side and talk quietly to listen to the other side, without emotion, and then talk about their expectations are often in this type of conversation is a very difficult to overcome emotions often .... so the other party does not want to fill. What do you do?
u You can also use a third foreign aid. / u
If we can not resolve this conflict, we must engage a person who acts as an arbitrator. It should inspire awe among the two parties. So that her opinion was not challenged. It can be a professional arbitrator or trustworthy person. arbitrator must be impartial and independent one of the parties to the conflict. This can be for example a lawyer or an expert in this field.
u the use of mediation. / u
is now more professional intermediaries which helped to resolve conflicts. Mediator is responsible for the negotiations. looking for a solution that will be accepted by both sides in the conflict. This process is voluntary, confidential and informal. role of intermediaries is not based on the determination of who is right and how find solutions satisfy the parties involved in the conflict.
u not forget that the most important thing is to determine the source of conflict. / u I have a vision
party conflict. Each of them draws attention to other things. If There is a reason that the chances for conflict resolution higher. Therefore, there is potential for new arguments. Remember that honest conversation can always help. not on the other hand, are treated with contempt, because then the solution to the conflict will be difficult.

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