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How to strengthen selfconfidence

How to strengthen self-esteem Self-evaluation is key to our emotions

Self-evaluation is key to our emotions It is very important in human relations It allows you to create the image of his person in the world around us, Self-esteem is necessary for us to function properly is important to know its advantages and disadvantages .... . to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of working. composed of different factors. Of course, it is education, environment and attitude towards you. Low self-esteem may prevent us from life. Often, many people can not just build a positive image in their minds. Lets face it very difficult task, however, as most feasible. confidence is not too good. too low, too. In this article you will find tips on how to improve your self-esteem.

.. u most important thing is their love / u
Remember that if you do not do all the other people will no longer be able to like you to be open and do not follow the thinking type: & bdquo, all I do not like , Other malicious fools, Why everybody wants to hurt me. running so I think that will certainly be. Try changing your attitude towards the world. Set a positive image.
u Think about what you enjoy doing. / u
What makes you the most pleasure? If you found this process to try to develop them. be good at them. Any free time spent on it. your self-esteem will grow very quickly. Why is this so? Because once you begin to understand that there are things that are good. It is also a kind of escape from everyday life, from everyday problems.
u Develop a sense of humor. / u
People like happy people. You will always be able to tell a joke. But more important is the sense of humor in relation to themselves. If approached at ease in it is certainly easier for you to endure all kinds of failure and defeat. good idea to watch cabaret or other comedy sketches. There are plenty on the Internet . just ask.
u Give yourself the right to error. / u
no one is perfect. Why is this possible? If you want to be perfect every little failure will be for you a failure, of them, m which will be hard to shake the mistakes and learn from them
u very important thing is to stop self-criticism / u
relating to ... the poor self-criticism, inner voice that says: Youre stupid, Nothing there, Youre ugly, Nobody likes me. How many times have you heard that voice in your head? One should always be done with it. Every time you Repeat this to try to deny. Most do not allow such thoughts to the fore. It can only hurt you.

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