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How to prevent burning

How to prevent burnout Burnout is more common occurrence in the active population

combustion becomes more frequent in economically active person, many of them are not aware of it, knocking the blame on the different things I think that the childs sleep, stress or the adverse effect of the change. But the truth is that the combustion occurs at our request . Why? Because they often do not take care of yourself. not care about the rest, both physically and mentally. Non Stop hurry, we do more and more. And all this doing this, we noticed that someone at work. If someone appreciates our We reward hard work and promotion or raise. However, it is a trap, which is easy to fall in. below for more information and advice about burnout and how to prevent it.
First, determine what is burning. How and what is found to have effect? ​​Before burning the vulnerable people who are very active professionally. devote his entire attention to the work. Of course, their efforts are appreciated, however, their effectiveness in the work falls. They cease to be as creative as ever. They also lack the motivation. all have to force myself to work, which contributes to the fact that becoming pathetic. it often moves in their personal lives and families. Sometimes it can cause depression.
Now, the methods that will tell you how to combat burnout and how to prevent it. First, the good solution is a solid residue. If possible, get free and go, preferably somewhere far from home. All this changed environment, and the rest from the previous one. If you can afford to travel abroad, do it . Each such trip can become an inspiration to continue living and continue working.
Try to ask you really care? What are your priorities in life? springboard to help you find the current situation. Realize your passions and dreams . the things youve always dreamed / dreamed. Keep in mind that the realization of his passion is not selfish, even though some people can be so perceived. just seems pleased.
not deal with emotions. point is that too much power given not works. can dominate your entire life. There is also involved in other issues or conflicts. Why? Since then blurs the line between work and private life. keep a healthy distance. It is better to focus on something constructive.
develop its internal force. This can help you in different types of discharge voltage and the technique by which the mind is a disturbing thought. In essence meditation, yoga, tai chi, or breathing exercises. Remember, if you can not take the advice of professional burnout, it is good to seek advice from psychologists, psychotherapists.

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