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How to develop effective selfstudy

How to develop effective self-education If you are learning new things and causing problems spędzałeś wkuwaniu long hours of material, it is better to forget and methods may be applied up to now

If you are learning new things and causing problems spędzałeś wkuwaniu long hours of material, it is better to forget and methods may be applied up to now master a few simple
and will make it faster and more efficiently assimilated information. Br Do not be afraid to dream and imagine, what would you do in the future. You have a lot of features, but why not use it? Do you have a clear vision of its future? Would you like to do in working life, something completely new? try to create a vision for their people in the context of further self-education.
sets itself concrete targets and deadlines for their implementation. wyznaczysz When multiple targets, divide it into small steps that will slowly realized. Nobody teaches accounting at a time, play golf or do not know the modern methods management. be realistic.
find someone who has extensive experience in the field who want to explore the practitioner you are willing to support and give valuable advice. It can be a colleague, mentor, coach, etc.
Start by creating a general picture. Your vision of self-education can not consist of several related fields, but must be consistent. Otherwise, some fragments have ever set up a unified whole.
ask lots of questions. not only in the classroom, but also reading about the subject. looking for additional sources , news on the Internet, etc. Go around knowledge reflects
search. main principles guiding the success of his venture. Is not this a case of enthusiasm, motivation, hard work, consistency? or discourage too fast and had too high expectations?
Find the three best books written by practitioners in the field, who have achieved success. Learn new revolutionary methods. Finish with a typical academic thinking. Bet on the development of ideas and experiences.
Learn to speed read and capture information. Learn how to run a scan sections Book and pay attention to the most interesting information.
advantage of all the senses in the learning process. images, sound and even smell have a significant impact in the process of acquiring new information.
law and act again. This is largely determined by our experience the labor market. Do not expect the proverbial coconut at the very beginning. Set hard work.

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