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How to work effectively in the office

How to effectively work in an office safe to do so much fills our lives

certainly do a lot of fills our lives, often after hours and go to work on weekends or holidays, we do not use the facilities to perform all assigned tasks, however, turned out to be ... we do not need to spend our free time to catch the need to plan our work and adhere to a few simple rules do not allow you to work completely overwhelmed our lives - more .. we will be less effective if we are tired -.
In the very beginning to make a specific list of tasks to do. first to our schedule, type of jobs that require us to more concentration, a lot of effort and it definitely is not interested. For further positions put our work easier and easier. Then, if you can We tend to start a task, then the work will go faster - and we have greater desire to work - .. really absurd is deposition of heavy task for later, because our work does not magically disappear and no one else is doing for us what is the best illusion immediately get to work and do not reflect how we should do and how we do not want that
rozpisanym our work plan, it is important to emphasize the break - .. eight hours a day should be available two half-hour break for us -. not going to rest until I will do the task that we set a course out of the break the fresh air, go get a piece and then a little przewietrzymy dotlenimy body - your brain .. little else -. We can also talk with our colleagues from work, do breathing exercises. During operation, focus on tasks. Do not waste your time with friends because pogaduchy to diffuse and increase operating time.
next thing is to increase focus and concentration. not think about work carried out before or our private lives is also looking into the future only to focus on this work and tasks that must be done not worry, what if we fail do not worry about the stock - .... non-existent problem is cause for concern -. hours before leaving work, let them finish the job started - do not leave them on the second day, because we can not forget some nice work and time - . and you can order documents Naszykujmy details for tomorrow, so after returning to work is not mentioned start taking orders and flipping papers.

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