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How to write a biography

How to Write a CV CV is a vital document that demonstrates our education and experience

CV is a vital document that demonstrates our education and work experience helps when looking for work, and it requires virtually every employer should przysparzańá making problems, however, if you have problems with writing ... Curriculum Vitae - this article is for you
Unlike a cover letter, CV can contain several pages It all depends on how great our experience, and how schools and courses have finished in the top left corner! .. Set the angle of your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, address, date of birth, nationality and marital status
for good looks and letters, make sure that each header -. education, vocational, interest, additional qualifications and skills, personal information - is written in large and a bold font - the font size - 14 points, and the shape is best to choose font Arial or Times New Roman. - the rest of the text should be written without a difference - with the emphasis or bold - and in smaller type to around 11-12 points -. Each title must be in a new line of text in this agreement is again transparent
first title of the education at this point, describing all the schools that finished ..... starting with the most current, each school should be labeled with the time interval in where learning takes place, school name, its address and the direction of their education is an important issue and a way of learning - part-time / evening / day -. Please do not put information for high school students and primary school. Such information is superfluous in employment for the workers. no place in the next paragraph entitled professional experience. Every business should be accompanied by a time interval during which he worked. Put the name of the company, its. address and a job where you did not forget to keep the truth during the interview because the employer may ask you for documents concerning the execution of the work made jobs should also be arranged in chronological order -. Newest to oldest -.
If you have additional skills, put them in the next section. You can write here about foreign languages, and degree in speech and writing. It is also worthwhile to mention computer skills, possess a license and any additional skills or courses completed.
In the final section, write about their interests. This could be eg music, movie or whatever youre interested . Here insert the clauses of compliance is required for the processing of personal data for employment. In the lower right corner of the sign to be readable.

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