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How to write a letter

How to write a cover letter letter is very important when applying for a job

letter is very important when applying for a job provides information about why an employee wants to work on the job is submitted and when you want to apply for a promotion and raise Unfortunately, many of ... people do not know how to write cover letter if you have a similar problem -. this article is for you
letter should fit on one sheet of A4 paper in the upper left corner put your name, address and phone number! .. contact on the opposite side to enter the city and the dates of some the lower right-hand post personal information manager or president of this should be in the form: .. name, position, and under the company name and address below on two lines below., starting from the left, type of ad that you reply. On question to put the publication date and the place where you will find advertising.
In the next place in the salutation as Dear Mr.. In the first paragraph, write a response to the advertisement to the newspaper or on the website of the day and check on which position you are applying It should look something like this:. In response to a notice posted on ...... I want to apply for the position ... the company ...
in the following paragraphs, describe your skills. Remember that the letter can not be a summary of the curriculum, as well as a second document and your future employer will have access to. best describe the experience that can only be beneficial for a new job. Also, remember to always stick to the truth, because sooner or later, your lie can be reached at evident. Then you will lose the confidence of his superiors and, in extreme cases of disciplinary dismissal. This part should take about 5-6 lines per page.
then briefly describe your character traits that may be useful in your future endeavors. They should be strength, important for the job. For example, a telemarketer job, it would be desirable and user-friendly and pleasant voice. This paragraph shall not exceed 4 lines.
The last item, ask for the consideration of his candidacy, and make sure youre thankful for the opportunity to present their individual during the interview. below the line to put the word Sincerely, again to thinning in the right place and your handwritten signature.

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