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How to determine the purpose of trafficking

How to determine the vocational goal Many people are unhappy with your job or career opportunities offered by your posts

. Lots of people are dissatisfied with their job or career opportunities offered by your posts and see a little of this unfavorable situation, instead of defining your career goals, focusing on finding other jobs, or sinking into stagnation and decline into apathy and dissatisfaction. In the meantime, before their first job should be clearly defined goals in his career and think about which path to take, in order to achieve our desires.
define career goals you need to make a thorough self-assessment. Best to sit quietly on a piece of paper to make a detailed list of your skills, not sparing themselves the same criticism, and reliability. on our list should include qualifications that are gained through education and previous work. properly conducted self-assessment is the first

in the way of career development. useful herein can also be a test of personality which they define our natural abilities.
The second phase involves a thorough review of our achievements. as the achieved occupied by my position and why I choose this company? what What is not to promote? Can I worked hard enough and if the task entrusted pretty close to me? The answers to these questions should help us identify their shortcomings and weaknesses, and suggest what mistakes to avoid in the future.
purposes identification of the toughest in his career
. We need to determine what really cared. Are you looking for work, where we ride a lot, or a more stable and permanent employment? We do not want the executive position, or would prefer to perform professional services, not be tied to one place, do not forget that the nature of the work should be in accordance with our predispositions do not start thinking about a particular rate or salary statement ... I want to earn four times more is not a career goal, but our wishful thinking.
When we define our goals, we need to get on with marking criteria and the roads that lead us to achieve these goals. Determination of time points is very useful, but remember that we can not define the purpose and roads once and for all, that the situation is constantly changing and the world moving. Let us flexible and wykażmy healthy, rational approach. First, select a few points on which we work, such as work on my business English Then came the employer must inform the office about the need for trainees. It is necessary to choose a site allocation in terms of education, interests, and the possibility of getting a job after completion.
Subscribe to the seminar. Often, the registration office of the possibility of acquiring new knowledge at no cost on our side. After registration, recruitment selection training, usually waiting to talk to the counselor, where you need to explain the reasons why he decided on one and not another course and provide the opportunities you see for yourself, after its completion. Often doszkalające projects are targeted at specific groups such as women or unemployed after 45 years and that this special group is desirable for employment.
Try to get support for postgraduate study. The opportunity to acquire new skills and finance for postgraduate studies. Obtaining these funds is a complicated thing, though not impossible, you just have to have real prospects for employment after graduation, the best-documented statement of the employer. Offices generally recognized that a certain amount of funds that can later be transferred to the account of the applicant at a time or in the form of subsidies for individual semesters. Maybe
own business? If you have a business idea and want to achieve, you can login to the Office a request for immediate assistance. The maximum amount by which it can be concluded that 20 thousand. zl - from 2011. - 6 times the average wage -. Submits a proposal must specify the exact amount requested and intended use, the projected economic impact, costs and funding sources, and any other documents that you will learn in the Office.

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