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How to care for your eyes on the computer

How to care for your eyes on the computer more and more we are exposed to a variety of factors that impair our vision

.. More and more we are exposed to a variety of factors that impair our vision It is associated with the development of civilization, or distribution of HD contributes to this lifestyle, as many Poles spend more time in front. Television. Their eyes become tired, red and irritable. statistics say that more than half of people who have vision problems. This is due to genetic predisposition and lifestyle. eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. Thanks to him we see the world around us. He said that the eyes are the window the soul, why should we worry about them. In this article you will find tips on how to take care of your eyes.
u Identify risk. / u
First, pay attention to what life on the water. Do you often spend time on the computer or TV? Do you have a sense of dryness in the eyes? Are they red? These questions will help assess the extent to which you are exposed to negative factors that hinder the eye.
in monitor. / u
If you frequently work on the computer records how much you sit from the monitor the exact distance should be around 50 - 60 cm .. There are also special coating on the screen, which absorb UV radiation It is a collection of chairs or monitor top edge of the monitor .. should be just below eye level.
u 5 minute break every hour / u
in the room where the computer should be so green, The color is soothing to the eyes. often seen on it. In addition, the room should be aired frequently. It is recommended that a break in the work with a computer, at least every hour. If you think your eyes are tired of it, close it and go face the rays of sunlight. Thanks pobudzisz traffic and free eye.
u rest for the eyes. / u
If you think your eyes are strained and red ... take break to start rubbing his hands on his hands then do it while your hands will warm up relations hands - on the inside - in your eyes, close them and keep as it is at least 5 minutes Make sure fingers are not going light ... Every time I look at the point a few meters. best viewed through the window and try to see details of objects that are located tens / hundreds of meters away from you.
u Diet for eyes. / u
while working at the computer drinking lots of water. In addition, we provide an appropriate diet that will protect your eyes from harmful substances . eat. rich in vitamin A, lutein and beta-carotene are:. beef liver and pork, butter, eggs, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, apricots, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, fennel and green beans

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