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How to improve brain function

How to improve brain function brain is the most important body in the body

brain is the most important body in the body This is the kind of computer that controls various functions in our body thanks to him we live in the hemisphere of the brain centers, among others, thought they had a gut feeling he coordinates our speech .... The main thing is that about you, no mess. Room cleaner new knowledge comes easily. It is easier to collect my thoughts and organize them.
good idea to keep a mental activity for a long time reading books. It sounds corny, but it is very effective. Reading a new book that encourages interested neurons and helps to maintain mental capacity. Why is this happening? Since the reading to make your imagination. It stimulates. And as you know well-developed imagination helps in the learning process. It also encourages creativity.
Provide a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Provide your body with products such as nuts, wheat germ, fish, whole grains, and foods rich in vitamin B. Do not leave home without breakfast. Avoid drinking alcohol.

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