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How do I breathe

How do I breathe Proper breathing is different from ordinary air grab

Proper breathing is different from ordinary air scooping aware, good breath, improves concentration and that we better oxygenation That can be our medicine, which costs nothing to practice correct .. breath? Youll learn by reading this article .
seafront oddechania abnormal effects. / u
biggest mistake most people, breathing is too fast grab air. breath becomes the plate, resulting in hypoxia of the body. For more breathing abnormalities during the lifting arms and abdomen during withdrawal inspiration. Then the ribs expand sideways chest and collapses. When we come to the air, it makes sense that the belly grow, as we are. sucking stomach when breathing resulting in limited movement of the diaphragm then the oxygen out of the lungs in small parts of the lungs begin to work so intensively, but only the smallest part of them -. up, because oxygen has no chance to reach deeper into the lungs when breathing is shallow. - In So, only a third of your lungs full of air, which causes lack of concentration and sleepiness. To make your body work more efficiently we learn to breathe consciously.
What happens in the body during normal breathing / u
children the correct way to breathe while in adults the way I do not know why breathing disappears. inhalation belly expands and contracts during exhalation. This is a normal breath. muscle of the diaphragm descends, L, the lungs have more space to hold the air. then pulls down the diaphragm, heart and lungs are filled with air, gently squeeze the heart, giving him a gentle massage. This method of breathing and the brain all body cells get enough oxygen, so you better work Keep in mind that the brain uses up to 25 percent of the oxygen consumed in the body to reduce the amount of oxygen in the body to feel - ... there are problems with concentration and memory Beware, therefore, consciously breathe Thank you . This will help your body inside.
u How to practice proper breathing / u
develop the habit of proper breathing exercises daily. One of the exercises is taking a calm, deep breathing nose. then take to the air blowing through the mouth. Try to exhale is monotonous, and as long as possible. In another exercise, place your hand on your belly and one on the chest. Breathe quietly inside. inhale start scooping air into the stomach, then pulls air into the lungs and at the end of inhalation gently rocking the hand back exhale zróbw same order -. air should go first to the abdomen and then into the lungs Regular exercise will not have to control your breath, because they get into a habit of proper breathing.

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