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What are the rights of workers in the UK?

What are the rights of workers in Britain as in Poland, both in the UK, everyone has certain rights

as in Poland, both in the UK, everyone has certain rights and responsibilities of each employee of the citizen, for his own good, is to look at these laws, in the future, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and problems .. So, If youre not You do not seem to make any law, and are also employed in the UK, here is a short newsletter to help you fight for your rights.
If you can include in a group of Poles, who found a job in the UK, you must understand that the Poles have the same rights as British. As it turns out, the vast majority of employers for employment in accordance with the laws and the contract will not necessarily be in writing.
One of the basic and fundamental rights of employees in the UK, and what you need to be aware of before going to the UK, are entitled to minimum wage, and the right to paid leave. These two basic rights guaranteed to every Pole. work in the UK entitled to the minimum wage required by the employer to pay minimum wage pay any person who is employed, so the national minimum wage - the national minimum wage -.
Also, remember that people who are employed in agriculture, also have the right to so-called agricultural minimum wage - Agricultural Minimum wage -. In this salary more defined than the national minimum wage salary, which depends mainly on the better qualified staff and skills have . br
Also, one should not forget that every person who began work in the UK, have a chance to be a paid leave from the first days of starting work. any, paid leave can last up to four weeks. However, if you happen to so that our holidays are not taken, your employer is forced to pay an employee called equivalent.
In addition, it is important to remember that every employer can not require forcing their employees to ensure that the work of more than 48 hours during the week at work. On the other hand, however, if the employee has the capacity and agrees to increase the number of hours of work, there are no obstacles in the work is taken in his interpretation of the increased time.
next equally important employment rights, including the right to take one day off during the week, and I get the time off work, if the duration exceeds six hours.

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