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How to make a good impression during the interview

How to make a good impression during the interview when our lengthy job search finally resulted in the invitation to talk, you should know how to convince employers and increase your chances of getting a job

our lengthy job search finally resulted in the invitation to talk, you should know how to convince employers and increase your chances of getting a job is known that before the interview should be prepared, however, the preparation is not .. Here are all the ways that through the interview and increase your chances
u dress for the interview / u
first and most important thing - to talk .. should be properly trained can be a sports outfit also has to be a business suit, if Position requires - .. For example, a candidate for management positions -. However, if it works as a guard when the initial j is a business necessity. How do I dress? niewyzywająco First of all, classic and above all, orderly. Caring for your hair too. Dirty certainly not be good for us to provide. In addition, a good suit will add confidence and It invaluable
u Do not be late / u
Another thing -. are waiting too long, so if you use public transport, tram, or select. bus, which will allow you to be earlier than those who will come in contact. Delay will not be accepted by the employer.
u be sure / u Once
When you start to talk, sit back, but do not sit at home on the couch. This is a very bad performance. This can be interpreted as a lack of respect for the potential employer. When it starts at the end to ask questions, take your time and answers. moment of thought is better but rather than the classic term yyyy. Móww decisive and confident. Do not try to say too much. answer the question first.
What if I have a question absolutely amaze you? / u
It is easy . Ask about what exactly the employer had in mind, giving you time to think, and he would clarify the issue and ask whether you understand it well. It also gives you time to think.
u on what to ask your employer if We get our five minutes / u
First of all obligations to his new position, the possibility of developing training. Let the employer to show that we are interested in long-term cooperation and development opportunities we want to know from the start.
in There are things that you should not ask / u
, of course, primarily salaries. For sure it will be discussed before signing the contract and start working. However, the issue of compensation in the first interview showed that there is so much we care to this work, the monthly payments on account of any employer. We certainly do not give us the advantage. What else, if you ask the pay system. Is it involves only a fixed portion, or commission, or perhaps a mixture of several salaries. Then, too, accidents employer can discover the secret, the largest salary. It is a small but useful trick. Good luck!

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