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How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for an interview for a job interview is a very important stage in our careers

interview is a very important stage in our career We must take every time we apply for any position Talks are held individually or as a center for assessment This is the interview starts ... every job. So lets learn how to prepare for it to come off best, and thus increase the chance for your dream job.
first important point is the same phone call from a potential employer who asks us for a conversation. What do not catch the first negative? definitely need to be careful what you ask. Avoid questions like What kind of job, because you know, please send your resume so that I can not remember. It shows an employer that does not depend to work with him, but simply to work. not positively affect our judgment. Another issue that should be avoided , the question of wages, or the details of cooperation. phone call is a good time, a much better interview questions like these, once again, he did not care about the job, but whatever.
Another important thing to know before an interview with a company in which it travels . It definitely felt more comfortable to talk. should know what your business, what markets work, how many people are employed than when working on Polish territory, or where it originates. This information allows a better response to a potential employers questions like: Why do you want Mr / Ms work for us? . answer useful information on the operations that we apply for the job, will receive additional benefits and show us as a person conscientiously and well prepared. are qualities that every employer seeks.
When we know that the company you want to think about how to sell yourself. First, you can fix it with them at home, you are my greatest strengths, what are my mistakes? This issue will not be surprised by the employer and beliefs to answer them. advantages and disadvantages of our people are asking employers to 90 percent of the interviews. Generally speaking, what happened in our lives, what they will do will be a good worker. What we can be proud of, and what weaknesses we learn?

If our past professional is well placed, it is worth considering in the future. Often employers ask about what we want to do it for like 5 years, what are our goals for this year and how much we earn in the future. It is very important information for employers, showing whether a person aware of their life decisions, or with someone who lives from day to day. It is worth considering where we want to find one, two, five years and how much we appreciate our ability. With
good preparation to limit the stress interview, which will allow us to have better grades in the eyes of the employer. unprepared, they will put unnecessary stress itself.

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