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How to avoid the pain of standing leg work

How to avoid the pain of standing leg work when you do have to stand all day

. Operating
you stand all day at the end of the day, your feet are sore and swollen, warm baths and essential oils do not help what should I do to avoid intensification of pain in the legs and prevent varicose veins ..? Br
you should start investing in comfortable shoes should choose shoes fit perfectly -. can not harm us, appropriately adjusted for the length, not too small shoes kupujmy just because it looks good -. should also pay attention or the skin because it allows air leakage, the skin breathes, feet do not sweat and do not odparzają. soft pencil inside the shoe is an advantage. for sandals or flip-flops, we can insert a special silicone rubber. Keep in mind that every day wear other shoes, you should always wear the same, because increasing pain in the legs
work then we should take care of your posture - back straight, legs slightly
solution,. plate feet can interfere with proper blood circulation in the feet and calves -.
work I try to walk from time to time between the shelves, przestępować from foot to foot, do a few laps on one leg left, one right - just do these exercises several times a day for a while -.
After returning home to soak your feet in good cold water - about 10 minutes - .. because it accelerates the blood circulation
After swimming we should put on your feet and calves cooling ointment - preferably containing heparin, and sweet chestnut, which are responsible for the proper circulation of blood and a witch, or fibers, with cooling properties - .. gels generally improve the aesthetics of the leg to reduce fatigue and heavy legs is important is consistency in the application of grease - your feet should be lubricated every day, once or twice a week would not be enough -.
Then, of course, take care of the proper diet, which does not contain too much fatty food further noted that obese people have more problems with their feet and circulation, and therefore I care about healthy eating and physical activity provide little in the workplace - you can start walking, of course, do not overload your legs -.

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