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How to survive the first week at work

How to survive the first week of the first week of work on the new job can be difficult

first week on the new job can be difficult. You can try to prove that they are suitable for this job, you want to look your best. However, it is difficult to remember all the names and numbers straight. It often happens that the first week did not get a PC and I wander from edge to edge. How to survive this stressful time for us?
It was suddenly hard to remember the names of all new employees, and not going to ask every time. For example, you can search the company website or other portals looking for pictures from work colleagues and their names. If you do not have that option, or simply think that its not a good idea, you can learn the names of regular contributors. Start with the people who sit in the office, of course, do not forget the dignity of the direct and indirect parent, then the person with whom you have frequent contacts in the society to work, and eventually everything else.
make friends with the manager. He has to deal with almost all people in the company and beyond. It can also help you in relation to the plan of the building, or ask someone to escort you. It is very important to know where everything is in society.
Be polite and sociable. Do not wait until someone tells you to drink coffee or eat lunch. If you love pizza, ask people who sit with you, whether youre willing to get together on line. This is not school, so do not be afraid. People who work with are now adults and they know how to behave. You do not want to be alienated.
The first week was a time when you need to know the exact scope of their duties. If your boss does not determine the exact time of the meeting and discuss these issues, perhaps in a rush to forget things. Do not wait until you remember. I report and ask for a brief meeting. If you sit and wait, you can be present in a bad light.
will not take all three. We want to show the best side, but the first week, this time implementation of the rules prevailing in society and how the company. Do not run so out of line and do not show. Listen carefully, if something is explained and carried out projects and assignments.
not change everything at once. The first week you have to prove youre a viewer, listener, and that hit the jackpot to formulate questions. Do not be afraid to ask. After all, you are a new employee and I do not know everything. It would be strange if you ask any questions and pretended to know everything. If you want to set, and other gear on your desk, do not do it immediately, wait a while. You do not want everyone to think they rule.

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