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How can I create a business card design

. How can I create a design business cards Youll learn how to independently create a business card in a few easy s

ll learn how to independently create a business card in a few simple
Featuring Select a template from project gallery
available projects, select project. Will be business card template I chose a project from the graphic design category here the business and projects, private and special occasions
text editing field - .... data entry template, business card
provide reference information when you click in the text box you can enter your data instead of data blocks
edit text fields -.
change the text color To change the text color simply select the text in the selected areas under the symbol toolbox, select the desired color brush
. br Correction of spatial objects
Offset text boxes after the election, and Slide hold while you drag the object icon to the desired location BR Note. to accurately move the object a short distance sufficient to select and move by pressing the arrow keys - left, right, down, up, -.

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