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How to make a presentation

How to make a presentation must create a presentation and start to panic Do not panic, read the following advice, and when it learned how to write well prepared and presentation

You must create a presentation and start to panic Do not panic, read the following tips and
after u learn how to prepare and write a good presentation ?. Br View u
/ u Be yourself
all of a piece, not forgetting the smallest detail. Take good contents, and then divide the material into parts, giving each title or item.
u Practice / u
ago rather than standing before a large group of people will begin the presentation, training, and the mirror in front of their parents or friends. Do not forget to exercise more more confident you feel your material by submitting the target group.
u preparing presentations / u
Create your own multimedia content - such as Power Point -. Do not forget to make the appropriate colors, graphics, images and other elements that will increase the value of your material - you can add sound -.
Remember that the presentation should be as understandable and in such a way that the information you provide the largest possible number of people each make their own fresh content in another way -. why they are so important addition to the words spoken, the written word, diagrams, photos, animations and sound.
, but do not overdo it with effects that are not shifting attention from the public critical information that you want to say.
Prepared slides
print several times - depending on the size of the target group - to cope .. and hold a public presentation
If you do not have access to the website worry about the projector to display the relevant information on the drawing board in the course of all these maps, print important information and data, etc. Prepare
u room / u
If you can prepare in advance a room in which to hold a show. Make sure that each of the recipients had a notebook and something to write. You can also disseminate information about short-prepared presentation. Make sure lighting is adequate. Everyone in the room should be good to see you and show slides.
u ready / u
In stressful situations often happens to us dry in the mouth. That is, while speaking nieprzerywanego. Therefore, prepare a glass of water and an iron hook at any time for a drink. Lay on the table are all the materials in such a way that when it comes to having easy access to them and not waste time looking for information, nervous.
Prepare index - laser - the best. will be easier for you to indicate on maps and diagrams that point of speaking before presenting
take a few deep breaths Dotlenisz .. This brain and regain your clarity of thought. Imagine that you talk to your friends or family. Try to be relaxed.
speak loudly and clearly. gestures and proper emphasis Every word of warning will give you greater public interest in the information transmitted by you.
u Questions / u
Ask your audience at the start of exposure in case of doubt, always ask questions. This will help maintaining better contact with the audience and give you the feeling that we all talk thoroughly understand your question.
u Feedback / u
you have completed your presentation, try - if possible -. get feedback on how to request the opinion of its customers on how to implement it and ask for comments or suggestions to make some changes may vary. wnie┼╝ research arm out and look for their fulfillment. This information will help you avoid any mistakes during your next presentation.

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