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How to answer the questions for the interview ?

How to answer interview questions Lets be clear: no one likes job interviews

Lets be clear: no one likes job interviews in any case, certainly does not participate in the selection of candidates must be in top form, and you only get one chance to use - stress compared with each .. Another approach for driving test . Sometimes they would get their first job, you must participate in 15-20 interviews before they finally succeed. Fortunately, regardless of place of work, a set of questions is more or less similar. Thus, the responses appear as Similarly, of course, depending about personal interpretation. after presenting 23 most frequently asked questions and recommended responses. Keep in mind that a successful performance at the interview is a skill that can be worked out.
u Tell us something about yourself. / u This question
for most interviews. Perhaps most important, because they allow the further course of the conversation and encouraged to speak. careful not to mention at this point in the history of his life, from birth until the day of the interview introduce facts that are relevant to the employer how your education, career and is currently life situation
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u why are you looking for a new job - or why he left last - / u
This raises the question directly, but you can performed in the frame. expected response is to seek a new job
do next in your career and grow as a person and employee. Not to mention the money and not materialistic go. If you had the misfortune of being released from a previous job due to a decrease staff try to maintain the trust and not to elaborate on the details. disciplined if published, you must have a good explanation why it happened. First of all, stay calm.
u Tell me what you know about our company / u
Before the interview do your homework. get key information about the company where you work, whether it is international. corporation, municipal or school -.? you know, with what company you are dealing with is whether your company has recently been mentioned in the news If you get the information you need to be present as well-prepared and genuinely interested in the job for which you are trying.
u Why do you want from us? / u
This question should be directly linked with the preceding. information about the company, which previously have been able to collect must lead to the conclusion that why you want to work there. Even before the interview, think about what you answer to meet employer and the sound is authentic. Remember your professional goals and plans in his career.
u What is your experience related to work / u
probably apply for another job youve had experience, which give to their advantage. But if youre constantly trying something new or have chosen new career, your previous experience may not fit the job. should be creative in order to indicate the extent to which these skills can be used in a new job. After working in a team always gives a new experience, you just need to explain how the department of customer service skills can serve as an internal manager, etc.
seafront What can you say about your co-workers were / u
Ok, this is not the time Frank confession. in a previous job you had any problems with your colleagues, must not mention it. positively respond and confirm that reputation, use a few quotes, eg You said you are very persistent worker or even better, John D. has always said that solving problems in creative and honest manner with all employees.
u Have you done anything to improve your experience? / u
answer to this question can contain anything from a post-graduate studies in sports hobby grew into a property. If only it relates to the theme of work, It is worth mentioning. You can also admit that it has its own self-sufficiency training, skillful time management and motivation.
u elsewhere aplikowałeś / u
is a good time to mention that there is demand for such people like you, without bragging, you can send your resume to all pracodawcóww city. Be honest and list several other companies of similar profile, but do not go into details. interviewer will want to just see that Jobs is seriously considering several options.
u I work well under pressure? / u
your answer to this question should be positive. can work under pressure to develop while working under pressure, you might even prefer to work under pressure. If you say it sounded like a lazy, will not help you get your dream position.
What motivates you to work well / u
course your answer is not to be .... money, even if it is supposed to motivate you are more vital to meet the needs a job well done you want to get better in the profession you want to help others or be leaders.
u What are your strengths? / u
Here is your moment to shine. When they ask you, what makes a great employee, do not hesitate to give a definite positive response. will thrive under pressure, be a good motivator, great for solving problems or to pay special attention to detail. If you think your greatest strength is its strong head drink, or telling jokes, save it for yourself. Come to the feature that has done well for you, and is directly associated with the work.
u What are your weaknesses? / u

If get complete honesty, can be recorded in the fifth on the other hand, if you say they have poor quality -. you will not believe this is a very difficult question, because politicians have developed the art of responding to perfection .. Mo.; related stuff like: I am very committed to work and too little time I spend with my family or even Im so good at his post, that people experienced with envy. It is better to play with open cards and admit his little associated with the defect in the work well try to fix it. For example: It that I was sometimes too much focus on details rather than the whole, so that now come in and complete the project review to see what else to do, and rdquo.?.;
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the question of salary / u What do you expect
Hold? be on guard, is one of the most sensitive issues. Even when you know the rates in your company, if the first answer, show your hand. want to earn as possible and the employer wants to have a minimum amount acceptable to you. Before you make a report, find how many people earn in a selected position, with similar experience can answer. I thought long over it and it seems to me that someone with such experience as What am I supposed to earn between X and Y or even slyly: In this. when Im more interested in a career opportunity of their salaries That way youll get a little time to assess your situation and see what answer do you think the employer if amount, and you are sure to do it -. allowed to speak. Usually, the employer does not go much lower or not to inflate the amount they will pay the employees of comparable rank
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u do? doing well in a team? / u
This question always answer yes. This is the only possible answer. Does anyone can work in a company or organization, if it is by nature a loner? you can add what roles do you like playing in a band, it is very likely to make it clear that you are born leaders.
u us about your project that is implemented. / u
It is important to focus here on the word carried out. Theres nothing wrong with possession of a hundred ideas a minute, but if you know of them only your laptop, no sense of mentioning. also have a good ending. If your previous company used his idea and went into bankruptcy, it is better not to boast . Prepare a brief description of your project, who conducted his business and was a success.
u Have you ever irritated by people with whom you work / u
course you have in mind the long list of such persons. But you I can not say, because if you make a negative impression of a person predisposed to others and work hard to think the best moment and say something like. I always lie and his associates.
u Does someone absolutely can not work / u
I do not think that these killers and gwałcicielach, rasistach, thieves and other evildoers. Your answer must show that you can work with others. Otherwise you could be filed as czepialska and difficult if you say for example: Neither Under no circumstances can work with the fan of the disco-polo .
u Tell us about any conflicts with a previous boss / u
If you this question, you probably will not be engaged . interviewer hopes to see if you can get sucked into the gossip former boss. answer to this question with tact and diplomacy and forget about any skirmishes, if you were ever a place. In short, there was no conflict between you.
u you are more interested in wages and job satisfaction / u
not very fair question, is it? We all want to earn as much as possible the work that we love, but this rarely happens. Its good to have that Money is important to you, but nothing is as important as job satisfaction. Otherwise you go to someone who only has a great reward.
u rather be loved or fear to wake up / u
employers prefer to surprise kandydató. in question such In fact, none of the answers are not good, and the best answer is something like: None of the above - just to be respected. If you answered that you want to be feared, leave the Despot, and fear not. good motivation in the team, But if you want to be the best friend of everyone, it will be difficult to make tough decisions and set limits if you want to be respected, it means that you are neither too hard nor too soft -. just can effectively carry out their request.
u Are you ready to submit your own interests / u
Another tricky question. If your answer is absolutely yes, that is your ability to sell without taking care of your family and your situation If you say no -. you be disloyal firms Unfortunately, your response at this stage should be positive, because youre trying to show as an ideal worker who will not Sunder. work early to watch the match. However, you can ask the person who asks a question about.
u Explain why we hire you. / u
Surely you realize that the answers like Because Im the best or Because I really need this job are not in place. This is the moment to show potential employers your strengths list, which is occurred in a perfectly meets the requirements for the job. not good disparage other candidates -.? focus on themselves and their talents, rather than shortcomings of other
u Do you have any questions / u
ending is the most common interview question. It is closely connected with that previously collected intelligence information about movies and gives you a chance to prove once again that good preparation. If the conversation was not disturbed about the duties, probably a good time. be asked Another good question is: If I accepted the position, when can I start work? You ask, what will work in particular, what role you play in society and what are your relationships with other employees .. They are always ready for some questions to show interest. silence and eyes stuck on the wall as answer to that last question does not give you a job. happiness and a successful job search!

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