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How to survive working with a hangover

How to survive working with a hangover again had a drink or two too much last night

drunk again for a drink or two too many the night before with a heavy heart and a headache, get up in the morning to go to work and Im very sorry for these drinks but you are brave, so coming to work .. head still hurts in the mouth Sahara and dream about it, to his colleagues not to touch the keyboard so loud, and his colleagues drew a walk pins and fingers. the thought of eating all of it makes you sick. can not concentrate at work, and / U
wybórw If you have a job and you can decide which classes you want to be on a certain day, select the ones that do not require too much concentration.
u nap. / U
lunch break is ideal for this, that he used to nap. Set the alarm, do not oversleep. But remember not to sleep at a time when you should do.
u ask for help. / U
Even if you usually do not need any help in writing a report or preparing a list of needed items, you now May, so whatever you need. Drowsiness can make mistakes that would not otherwise commit. There
u spreads that you have a hangover. / U
say one or two people, and the news comes your head faster than you expect. Even if none of your colleagues you will, the head itself can be heard when someone talks about it. If someone will ask, why are you so pale and dull to say that you slept wrong, or if you have a cold.

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