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How to shine at a job interview

How does the rise of a job interview just want to discuss employment is determined this time to finally succeeded If you want to attract the attention of potential employers and have an advantage over its competitors Here are some reliable ways that you can use during a call interview to maximize the chances that employers will choose only those

Just want to talk employment is determined this time to finally succeeded If you want to attract the attention of potential employers and have an advantage over its competitors Here are some reliable ways that you can use during a call interview to maximize the chances that employers will only make you choose.
u Take care of your appearance. / u
Dress neat and elegant. Your clothing should be appropriate for the job for which you are applying. Remember, however, be comfortable. You feel comfortable not to distract the conversation.
Thoroughly wash and brush your hair, take care of your nails.
not chew gum. Keep the smoke before the interview that there was no smoke to feel from you.
too much perfume.
/ ul
Be yourself u. / u
Relax and try to take advantage of the conversation. If you are not together, it will be seen after which, believe me.
If employers feel that you feel comfortable, you will not unnecessary tense, which will facilitate this discussion.
/ ul
u ready. / u
Make sure you know exactly their employment practices to which they go.
Read on the internet about that company. collect as much information as well as the position you are applying.
Read about the company owners. Who is, what he did before. on the internet you should find lots of information.
talk with their friends. Maybe some of them have any information about this employer.
/ ul
u you know. / u
is aware of its advantages, but also be aware of their shortcomings.
thinking about how best to display their strength.
/ ul
Meet u position for which you apply. / u
Carefully read the terms of the position for which you apply. Be ready to present ourselves as the best and the ideal candidate for this job.
/ ul
u tread carefully through your resume and cover letter. / u
again thoroughly grok previous professional experience. You must be able to determine the exact time in which did you do prior to a certain position, clearly indicate the name of the position, range of responsibilities and your achievements.
ready for questions about the details of your previous work. you must be able to answer them to say exactly what youre doing, they are responsible for that projects are realized.
If you are engaged in activities, projects need to say exactly how much of a role in contributing to the success of the project.
/ ul
u not be afraid to leave their mark. / u
Before you go to the interview, decide what exactly you want to get to the meeting at which you want to pay attention to the employer.
Think about why you are really interested in this job and select it when you call.
Do not be afraid to ask questions, any comments.
/ ul
u be correct. / u
do everything possible to get at least 15 minutes earlier. Take into account traffic jams and the distance the company from his home, problems with parking.
/ ul

u be friendly and courteous. / u
Show your good side. Show that youll generate around it a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere which is so important in every business.
Sometimes employers ask the receptionist or secretary, as zachowywałeś before they were asked to measure and how to talk when you exit zachowywałeś. so be careful. Your interview starts at the entrance to the building.
Remember body language. It is important that your gestures and facial expressions are not contrary to your words.
most important thing is the first five minutes. To be successful , act professionally and competently.
Do not forget that 85% of what they say will be forgotten by the employer. that what remains is the general impression that wywarłeś.
/ ul
u be careful . / u
Closely listen and remember. Feel the conversation style of the employer. Please note the dress code, office furniture. Set conditions.
/ ul
u correct answer
Listen carefully. If in doubt do not be afraid to ask. Show that you listened carefully, and can be applied to requests for information.
Never respond to questions that do not fully understand. Ask clarifying questions. If you do not know the answer to your question, it is better to confess than to invent what is not known.
In their responses, according to you
- willing to do - give examples of their achievements and involvement in previous jobs -; Home - open to upgrade their skills - give examples of training in which you have participated so far -; Home - flexible - tell how easily adapt to new requirements and situations Show your support for example -, page - willing to sacrifice for the company,
/ ul
u Prepare for the unexpected question. / U
They were here to see how to deal with something unexpected, something that will surprise you when you least expect it.
/ ul
avoid criticizing former employers. / U
Be diplomatic. No matter how bad it is in the current work, there must be something youve learned, some positive. Demonstrate the positive ..... with a smile.
/ ul Be sure
u. / U
language that its strengths and achievements with pride, but do not be cocky. Maintain eye contact. Demonstrate that you know youre the right person for the job.
/ ul
u Do not hang up your own / u
never finish the interview .. It is the job of the employer try to feel this moment, you have the opportunity to make a good final impression
. Request a business card.
/ ul
u Rate your conversation. / U
Rate yourself. draw conclusions from the mistakes you made and try them in the future. · Print as much detail as you can think about.
Save the date by which the employer promised to contact you.
Analyze what you did wrong and what he could do better.
out questions that helped you the most problems.
/ ul

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