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How to survive the first days after release from work

How to survive the first days after release from work so they are fired from their jobs and do not know how to deal with it

so they are fired from their job and do not know how to deal with her liberation is never fun and enjoyable, but it is not the end of the world following 10 tips should help you survive the first days after the first publication. Start new chapter in my life.
Find out exactly whether the employer has the right to tell you to go. It is possible that had it right, so that the time has not come to a definitive farewell to their colleagues. If
lawfully exempted register as unemployed. possible that you have used, and in addition, the office will help you find a new job.
give yourself several days to recover and come to terms with the situation. Ask yourself what you have learned through this waiver. whether the exemption was your fault ? all thoroughly rethink and expand the knowledge of the future does not repeat the same mistakes. Also do not blame yourself unnecessarily. Do not ask questions like why me, why did not Mark or Katherine, what did I do wrong? Every man lives in his life, at least one exception . Everyone can meet anytime, anywhere. just because you were fired does not mean youre stupid or worse than their peers.
Do not blame former colleagues for their release. Do not be angry at them, not their crabs, do not drop they are wrong. Keep in mind that these are people with whom you spent a lot of time and they are your friends, and some probably even friends. Do not know if we are to get something useful in the future. them with better relationships with them leaves, the better for you. Therefore, even if you were with someone or not pokłócony przepadałeś While leaving behind someone at a party do you get your all. see that it will pay off in the future to their advantage. Start
expand its network. Tell family, friends and acquaintances that you are looking for a new job. Usually most people get a job through a friend.
Refresh your resume. Review advice on the Internet to create a good resume and write a beautiful letter.
CV, motivation letter and a conversation job, no need to say that you must slow down. can use such terms as the finished work, but he got fired.
If you are prompted for an interview directly, or are dismissed you must be honest and admit it. lie at interview work can make a deal that would not, even if it meets all requirements. If youre wondering about the reasons for the dismissal do not ever accuse the head and not say anything bad about this company. You must act diplomatically and come up with any reason not to put in a bad light, or your boss or you.
treat the job search and work full time. Begin 8 or 9 in the morning and work on it for 8 hours each day, Monday through Friday. Send your resume to all workplaces, start writing a blog . Ensure that your profile and Facebook GoldenLine look objectively and professionally.
Send your resume to all companies in your area related to your business. Even if they announce a new call to the public, May you find that you employ the experience and skills.
Do not waste time feeling sorry about together because they fired the bottom line is positively Tell yourself that the exemption is the best thing that could happen to you - ... now you have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, develop , and find a job more suited to their talents, interests and temperament

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