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How to develop your career

How to develop your career in todays uncertain times, it seems that the best thing you can do is hide your head in the sand and wait for the storm

In todays uncertain times, it seems that the best thing you can do is hide your head in the sand and wait out the storm resting on our laurels, however, can be very dangerous if we want to keep their jobs and do it. Career would should begin to stand out against another employee to be a leader. Companies now need people to help them out again to the top and become competitive in the market.
U Here are tips on how to excel in times of crisis and make a career. / u
u What are your weaknesses? / u
what to do at the beginning of self and to recognize their own abilities, which can be strengthened and developed. For example, even if you have good communication skills, You can also have problems with presentations and speeches in the presence of a large group of people. As a result, you can work on public speaking skills. If you do not know how you could improve your ability to advise family, friends or business kolegówz. Be objective when evaluating others opinions .
u What are your strengths? / u
Note that even if you know something big, and that you are somewhat proficient in business, you can further develop their knowledge. For example, can have a know some software that you use every day, but surely there are any tools or abbreviations that are not fully understood.
u What is your goal / u Focus
at a given time only one or two skills. good idea to establish a purpose for which it could continue. For example, if you want to improve their knowledge of Microsoft Excel, you May want to be a way to get a certificate of knowledge of Excel Determination period to finish -. to gain certification here - will be an additional motivation Learning
u What You Can Do / u .? br
Once you set your goal you need to find ways to achieve it. Start with your employer. Many companies, especially larger organizations have the resources intended for for employee training. Are there courses or seminars in which, patients are able to participate if your employer has a discount for courses and training programs also consider volunteering There are a number of projects that can be played Despite the fact that voluntary work for free? .. You can gain new experiences and skills that will help you attract the attention of management.
u What can you teach others? / u
One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd to share their knowledge with others. Often when teaching anyone can learn something new themselves. You can help new employees to familiarize themselves with the programs and implement them on the job, you can publish free of Scientific Publications, guides, etc.
u Become the leader / u
leadership activities are not restricted to this question, unfortunately, only the command line. Being leader is not easy and requires a range of treatment skills, however, this position will help you stand out against the background of employees. Read how to be leaders, and 92 tips on how to be a good leader.

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