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How to be happy at work

How to be happy in the job Everybody wants to be happy, whether we admit it or not

Everyone wants to be happy, whether we admit it or not happiness is a state of mind that can not be trusted to control, but the truth is that it depends only on us .. if we are lucky. Quest for happiness at work the same rules as his search in other areas of life.
look at around and find reasons to rejoice. Unsubscribe down all the advantages and all the things that you enjoy their work. Stop focusing on the cons - to start .. think only pro
If you never take a vacation now begin to take the day off tomorrow to take something like a nice stroll in the park, trips to the woods, etc.
I always do breakfast with me. stop eating slices of dry . prepare a healthy salad or soup, take them yourself you can reheat in the microwave oven. At work, you should feel right at home at the end you will spend at least 8 hours a day. why food should be as close to what you eat at home.
Stop gossiping with colleagues from work. You might think you like gossip, but they are the cause of stress caused by remorse - certainly have -.
Avoid negative people who always spoil your mood
If you have a job or task, which do not like them at once, immediately after arriving to work .. Do not wait with them until the last minute if you do it first takes the rest of you nice and fast, if not - ... think about them all day long and unnecessarily stressful
each do something nice for a friend or colleague. Smile, say, compliment or help in a difficult project. see that you will feel much better.
Clean your desk and make sure everything is clean and organized. pleasant work environment make you feel happier.
One of the biggest causes of stress and dissatisfaction at work does not fulfill the obligation. Many workers spend more time on the translation, apologies and worry about the consequences of failure to comply with its execution. To avoid this it is necessary to plan and evaluate your options. If do not have time to say a thing. not be a volunteer and after hours of sitting on an extra project zobowiązałeś do.
think about it, that your work is helping someone else. always keep in mind that all work is noble and necessary for society. with his work, ones life will be easier and more enjoyable.
ask your opinion about his work. Sometimes for happiness we only positive feedback. We do, we try, we do everything in our power to be good at what do, but I really do not know if we do well and meets the expectations of management. If you missed it go to the boss and tell him you want to hear opinions about his work and that this information can be even better if
lot of work on the computer take care of the background, which will improve your mood Its very easy and efficient - ... if you want to show pictures page - hundreds of pages with photos - Members
you can find the trite, but the little plant on your desk really can improve your mood Very popular is bamboo -. does not require multiple treatments, does not need much light and looks very nice.
If all else fails, look for another job, you will exercise good luck. Sometimes it happens that we can be happy until you find a job where we could meet.

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