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How to be a good announcer meczowym football ?

How to be a good announcer meczowym

announcer doing the game, but it was very interesting and responsible job Here are some tips on how to be a good speaker
Prepare the day before in the house all the information needed to conduct the case for meczu.Istotną .. save the current configuration, transfers and coaching staff were given drużyny.Należy in the head and the best written account of what we have to introduce something powiedzieć.Łatwiej is ready with a plan
before the game. It is very important
wydarzenie.W depending on the match Class B-, fourth in the league and league-: - We will listen to a lot of people
venue, stadium, on the ground that the best time before that meczem.Mamy. lot of time and prepare to spend rozpakowaniesię. For smaller events or meetings held in a weaker league as the fourth best equipment to take care of themselves in this case, an appropriate sound system, amplifier, microphone, laptop, everything is possible, of course, you can always count on the support of club management -.
When you have confidence that everything is done, write the current data and stores both teams in this case should go to the coach or manager of both teams and ask for your stores, most of both teams depends on how to do so whoever plays for them, so there should be no problem with that: -
Another problem is welcome, meeting fans and guests, it is best to use a laptop and turn on the music, depending on the age of the person to adapt songs, because as we all know older people for example do not. fall in love listening to techno -
less than 15 minutes before the start of the meeting must be submitted two compositions in both teams, the music for this purpose should be switched off or muted
During the meeting the speaker. read the task and give information about the executed free kick, or a different karnym.Praca announcer is very different from that of the commentator, announcer does not say what he thinks about the game, and does not describe the current events on the ground just dry facts like the change will be the visiting team, the player with number 10-John Smith will be replaced The player with the No. 5-Jan Nowak.
At the meeting the speaker can not współpracowaćz fans can scold them for behavior and ask for peace, and thank you for doping.Nie slowly while screaming with the fans or challenge sędziów.Spiker person must maintain an objective value, but often boast of successful kicks at goal your team is welcome
pause is desirable to calculate the time we spend on music and what we want powiedzieć.Do announcer duties should give a result in the recall przerwy.Można Fans of both teams pressed and sponsors, and other such information in the previous round of meetings, the next round, club match results from our table, information about the club -.
after the final whistle to invite fans on the other half of the meeting and wish you a successful show
End of game. Enter current
wynik.Podziękować fans for coming out and the players for the game, to the next opponent kolejki.Muzyka be involved in the production of all fans.
pack up and analyze the events of that game.

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