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How do I qualify?

How to qualify To qualify you must not necessarily be the best employee

Not necessarily qualify you to be the best employee just a few tricks that will reach a climax,
u never go without dokumentóww hands / u
Those who carry in their hands the documents appear to be busy people hurrying to an important meeting people who go with empty hands look like they went for coffee and newspapers under his arm -. so. if you are going to the toilet anyway leaving your office with lots of documents -. Superior will make you work more hours but as
u use the computer, eager to see / u
Whenever you use your computer look for the average observer as employed persons. You can send and receive private messages, chat and generally hang around. They are not true social benefits proponents like to talk with the computer revolution, but not bad when you catch your boss -. and youll get caught - its the best way to defend the desire to learn new software, which saves a lot of money in training
. br u desk cluttered with papers / u
People with top management can have a tidy desk. For the rest of the staff too tidy desk will prove insufficient amount of work and responsibilities. In his book on the job document the site and gather tons of different papers. the observer, one days work you will perform the work throughout the year. What matters is quantity. Securities and width stack up. If you know someone is going to quickly insert a valid document, currently among others and time to come it will begin to dig the whole stack.
u Voice Mail / u
never answer the phone if you have voicemail People do not call you because they want to have something to give or do for free - .. ! they call because they want to do something for them so that they can listen to live messages from the mail on the flight, and if anyone breeds them is a call back from your supervisor during a break for breakfast - you know that you spend your free time to work, they are hardworking and industrious - in fact, as a wily weasel
seafront look! impatient and annoyed / u
always looks annoyed and impatient to make your boss think youre always busy.
Lower u office after hours / u
Try to leave the office after hours, especially if your head is still spinning somewhere in the vicinity. You can read magazines and comics, which usually do not have time. Make sure that you will pass next to the seat. Send e-mail supervisor in the late or very early morning hours, eg 22:20 or 6 in the morning and during the holidays from work.
U She sighs and implement various inarticulate sounds for effect / u
When everything around you is a lot of people who pretend that they are under extreme pressure.
u professionally decorated strategy / u
bunch of documents is not enough on the table and place many books on the floor -. thick computer manuals are the best -.
u Upgrade Your Dictionary / u
read computer magazines, wyłówz them all the jargons and new products. Use these terms when talking with his superiors. not you understand, it is important you sounded impressive.
seafront Highlights / u
make sure that your boss does not read the article!

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