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How to successfully negotiate a raise

How to successfully negotiate a raise you feel youre underpaid If so, now is the time to ask your employer for a raise?

You think youre underpaid If so, now is the time to ask your employer for a raise here are tips on how to effectively negotiate an increase in his salary
Fra?.. us financial situation . / u
One thing is for sure, if you are employed by the company just recently, you can not have too high expectations. wage increase is in fact gradually. A good rule is to wait at least 6 months of relationship before you leave a request for a raise.
Do any hope of higher wages, first make sure the company is in good financial condition. traffic, growth, investment potential ... these are all the essential information. Check your
market value. Look for salaries and find out how much they earn, on average, people in your region, just as old as you, in a similar position and similar professional experience. These pay scales are often published in newspapers. or on the Internet When negotiating salary, it will be valuable information
expected salary increase greater than 5 - 15% ..
/ ul
u perfect time to talk / u
annual reports is a good opportunity to interview on the rise there is one problem - not just ... youll want to broach the topic Typically, these hearings are held at the beginning or end of the year. If you wait a while and take this conversation at another time, will to include greater attention to the head, and so will have the opportunity to grow larger.
good time for this interview different wnież to change your position in your company or expand the scope of their duties. You will be able to better justify its request. Finally , a new position on the new duties.
/ ul
u Choose the right person to talk. / u
This request should be immediately directed to your supervisor. It is in fact the man who will make the final decision. Obviously this is not his personal decision, but without the approval of a superior does not achieve anything. of all employees is your boss is the most competent person to assess their work and value for the company.
u willing to negotiate. / u
scarf in several simulations - present their case and think about how the other party may answer this
out examples show how useful it is to have companies
Introducing .. the results of their work in numbers.
Make a list of all tasks that could be entrusted to you.
Introduce your monthly salary in the annual report forms. Usually, it talks about the gross annual salary increases.
/ ul.
u during negotiations / u
Stick guidelines - start contributing to the success of the company and talk about their past achievements further. Introduce your goals for the future can now go on to raise the salary issues, but without focusing on a particular amount
attitude and style of conversation - ... go to the meeting success from the start, setting a positive and do not forget the most important - smile. This way you show your motivation. Bet hard on yourself, but do not be aggressive. Show listen what your boss says to you and what are its arguments.
/ ul
mistakes should be avoided. / u
Try to avoid conflicts .
avoided at all costs, do not give a specific amount of compensation. Wait until you give the boss
not drop all the comments is May sound like a threat - .. if you do not get a raise, I am going. this kind of behavior could lose its credibility
never compare with other employees. So krytykowałabyś operation system manager.
/ ul
u What if your boss dismissed. increases / u
then try to negotiate other benefits - additional leave, individual working hours, company car
Explain to the boss that you want to take on more. tasks and greater responsibilities. Your supervisor will tell you if it is worth it for him . After a year or two you can start talking again on the increase.
If nothing changes over the next 6-12 months you must decide what will suit you better -. can actually be in the company, or start looking for a more satisfying job
/ ul

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